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What Technology Are VAs Using?

As your business expands and you work with several clients, it’s critical to use the correct tools to manage your business and stay productive. Everything that can enable you to organize and delegate duties is a win-win situation!

Here are some of the technologies, software, and tools being used by Virtual Assistants:


Slack is a fantastic platform for communicating with your colleagues or clients. Emails can quickly become stressful, but Slack makes it simple to create different groups for different members of the team or clients.

Google Drive

Google Drive (and G-Suite) is a fantastic method to keep track of all of your client and business data in one spot. Google Drive is fantastic because it is accessed from any device and allows you to organize your complete system. For the victory, efficiency!


It contains your whole workload, including your to-do list, marketing plan, client tasks, and meetings. If it isn’t in ClickUp, it is unlikely to be completed.

When it pertains to project management systems, go with the one that best suits your needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but ClickUp has proven by far the most popular and productive for virtual assistants.


Zapier is the ideal automation tool. Just about every system you use may be made to operate together and interconnect with each other seamlessly with Zapier. For all of your member management, you may set up automated zaps.

Is there a problem with a member’s payment? They’ve added automatically to a spreadsheet for tracking, linked to automation in ConvertKit to get a ‘payment failed’ email, and your group is notified in Slack; kudos to Zapier. All of this occurs without the need for any action on your part.


Loom is an excellent screen recording tool for delivering fast movies, how-tos, and lessons with customers or colleagues. To produce the best results, install the Chrome browser extension.

Until you subscribe to a plan, there will be a 5-minute video limitation on Loom recordings.


Quizzes are a terrific method to expand your email list, and Interact is the best tool for doing so. They make it simple to create a quiz for lead creation and to use the responses to focus your email marketing funnels effectively.


Dubsado is an ideal virtual assistant for managing clients, encompassing proposals, contracts, and invoicing. However, one of Dubsado’s most popular features is the ability to integrate your calendar and lead forms into it. You could therefore automate workflows.


A fantastic choice for hosting live or on-demand webinars. Demio has a ton of features and is incredibly simple to use, especially for non-techies! You can utilize the sign-up form within your own site or landing page, or you can utilize their built-in pages.

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