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The Credit Operator and current Virtual Assistant

I called Extra Hands Virtual Assistants to teach me how to auto-post on social media for my bosses company. They took the time to train me and walk me through the very basics of social media that I didn’t already have. At the end of the training, I was so impressed with the company that I applied to work for them. I’m now an employee of Extra Hands Virtual Assistants and I couldn’t be happier.

TaNesha Barnes
CEO TBarnes Global Travel

I have been working with Rasheed Shakur of Extra Hands for over 4 years. If you have ever met him you are automatically taken by his good looks, charm and precision. He has an ability to cut to the meat of a task, understand what needs to be done and deliver. He has the ability to assess a project, see the holes that you may have missed and create systems for a successful outcome. What business owners like myself often need is a person who thinks at the same level as them, has worked at the same level and can execute at that same level. We need a leader not simply a task master. In Rasheed you have a wonderful, efficient combination of both

Property Manager

I hired Extra Hands Virtual Assistants to manage two of my rental properties that I have dedicated to the use of flight attendants, “crash pads” if you will. I needed someone to find tenants, interview them, verify employment, and coordinate their move in, their payment and their eventual move out. Having a full-time job in the medical industry keeps me busy. Being able to offload these tasks to more than capable hands was a god-send. These guys ROCK. Thanks for all your help.

Angela Long
Owner of A Long Legacy Jewelry Co.

I have been in business for 10 years as an owner of a custom designed Jewelry Company. My need was organizational. Extra Hands stepped in and took over my inventory, restructuring my website and updated my price structure. This was a task that I had been avoiding for too long. Once the inventory was structured, the Extra Hands Virtual Assistant team then helped me book travel and plan itineraries for my annual trade show conventions. I couldn’t have done it without them. They come highly recommended.

Harold Smith
President of Contexture Design Studio LLC

I started my Architect and Design Studio five years ago, and I always envisioned having an administrative department within my business. I quickly realized that I wasn’t able to hire a team, let alone an accountant or a marketing team. I hired Extra Hands Virtual Assistants to help me with minor bookkeeping and email management. By the end of 3 months we were expanding to Social Media management and branding in addition to several other tasks. It’s been a year now and I can’t imagine business without them.