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Hire a Virtual Assistant for Efficient Email Management

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Efficient Email Management

Business owners cannot exaggerate the usefulness of emails, 86% of business professionals prefer email as their primary form of communication.

However, as a productive and busy entrepreneur, managing emails can seem like a tiresome chore. And managing them alone might seem impossible with the plethora of responsibilities you already have.

But there is a solution! Hire a virtual assistant to manage your emails, so you can focus on what you do best! This will definitely be the most effective decision for your business.

A virtual assistant can help with everything linked to email management, helping you focus on other critical elements of your organization. Stop spending time going through emails. Hire a skilled specialist to help manage your inbox and communicate with clients effectively.

You can grant a VA access to an email account in various ways. Both Outlook and Gmail feature services allowing a third person to use a different password to access the same email. Another way is to use a password manager, which is a secure solution that will enable you to exchange passwords.

As a result, there are no concerns about data privacy. Let’s look at the advantages of employing a virtual email assistant and why you need one right now!

A Virtual Assistant Can Help You:

Become More Organized

If you are a habitual email checker, this activity will eat up a lot of time. A few minutes here and there add up to a productivity decrease. When it comes to running a business, you need all the time you can get. Hiring a virtual email assistant means you won’t have to spend time meticulously organizing your inbox.

A virtual email assistant will help you sort through your emails, so you only read the ones that are important. This way, you won’t waste any time reading emails that you don’t need to.

Virtual assistants also always keep an email inbox clean so you can discover important emails quickly.

Just think about the extra two hours per day that will now be devoted to your company. A virtual email assistant can provide those extra hours. It is impossible to deny that the average employee spends a significant amount of time reading and responding to emails.

Delegating this task to a virtual email assistant will free up time to focus on other things, like expanding your business.

Keep Track of Business Meetings

A virtual email assistant will update and keep track of the calendar and daily schedule. They will also sort emails, respond to them, and alert you to those requiring attention. A VA will add any meetings or action items to the calendar. Never miss an appointment because of a lost email again.

Respond on Your Behalf

A virtual assistant can help you handle your email correspondence, while also being mindful of your company’s culture and style. One of the marvels of a VA, is that they are effective in their research and can immediately assess their environment without physically being in it. This helps them respond to emails in place of their client. Secondly, VAs have excellent problem solving skills to help them answer tricky emails in a professional and productive way.

Respond Faster to Emails

Do clients or staff complain about response time regarding emails? Hiring a virtual email assistant, means quicker response time to emails. Inform your VA about conventional replies and which contacts require prompt attention. For example, a virtual assistant can provide employees with quick, stock responses to common questions about filing reimbursements.

Has this article caught your attention? Contact Extra Hands Virtual Assistants today! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of being a part of the thriving virtual world!