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Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help with Recruitment

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help with Recruitment

Finding employees that are easily integrated into the internet workforce can be difficult. Virtual assistant websites provide many services, and finding the perfect applicant for a specific job is tough. But don’t be discouraged!

A virtual assistant who knows current recruitment strategies can help you find and hire the best employees for your business.

What Is a Virtual Recruiting Assistant?

A virtual recruiting assistant is an employee who works for a firm remotely. Responsibilities include assisting in streamlining the candidate selection process by picking individuals based on a list of credentials provided by the employer.

For example, this means evaluating a person’s potential for hire by reviewing their application and then forwarding them to the hiring manager.

What Does it Take to Work as a Virtual Recruiting Assistant?

While most firms require a bachelor’s degree, high school graduation and HR expertise are the bare minimum requirements for becoming a virtual recruiting assistant. Because a virtual recruiting assistant works from home, they must have a reliable internet connection and the capacity to work independently. Organizational abilities, knowledge of conventional office software, and the ability to alter recruiting techniques based on the particular demands of each client are all valuable traits for a virtual recruiting assistant.

Benefits of Recruiting Virtual Assistants

With the scarcity of applicants and recruiters, how can businesses speed up the recruiting process, improve the candidate experience, and boost hiring capacity?

The answer is virtual assistants! More and more companies are using virtual assistant services to help streamline their recruiting process and improve their team’s capacity. Remote assistants can help recruiters focus on moving people through the recruiting pipeline by doing a lot of the legwork, such as:

  • Recruiting individuals based on the requirements of the job description
  • Screening incoming applications for essential abilities and experience
  • Organizing face-to-face and virtual meetings
  • Preparing interview tear sheets and resumes
  • Inquiring about the next steps in the interview process with candidates
  • Entering candidate data and maintenance

Recruiters can also use virtual assistants to:

  • Find more prospects faster
  • Remove the unqualified candidates as soon as possible
  • Respond to qualified individuals faster
  • Schedule interviews as quickly as possible

A virtual assistant is also less expensive to hire than a full-time recruiter. Virtual assistant service providers keep a skilled workforce on hand who can join quickly and start contributing right away.

By specifying the platforms and technologies assistants must utilize in the company, the service provider is able to find the best match. Because the service provider employs and manages the assistants, there is little managerial overhead on the client’s end.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant to help you streamline your recruitment process, contact Extra Hands Virtual Assistants.