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Schedule Like A Pro

Nowadays, many of our calendar apps have a lot of stuff going on. And they all have one common characteristic: they all need to be scheduled. It’s common for scheduling, and the calendar that emerges from inadequate scheduling, to take control of your professional and personal life.

We’re here to provide you with the ultimate solution.

Tips To Making Your Schedule Efficient

It’s one skill to understand how to manage your future scheduling effectively, but your calendar is presumably already full at least a week or two ahead of time, correct? It’s time to reclaim control of your schedule and time. You can restore balance to your current calendar by following the simple steps below.

Choose One Solution

Choose a service that allows you to keep track of all of your activities, meetings, phone calls, and appointments in one place. This is the best (and, in many cases, the only) way to gain a true overview of your schedule and plan for future events.

It makes no difference whether you use the calendar app that came preinstalled on your phone, the most costly app in the app store, or a wall-mounted paper calendar. It works as long as it’s a single system of record for your calendar.

Add Non-Events To The Schedule

Non-events—things that aren’t generally put on the schedule because they solely involve you or their scheduling is considered flexible—must be added to your calendar.

For instance, you might like to devote the first two hours of the morning to intensive work. However, if that time appears to be accessible on your calendar, you (or someone else) are likely to schedule right over it. As a result, we advise you to put everything in your schedule, such as:

  1. Downtime is important
  2. Personal time is valuable
  3. Spending time with your family
  4. No-meetings time and deep work


When it pertains to scheduling, the bumpers on your calendar’s bowling lane are guidelines on when tasks can be scheduled. They make it easy to keep on schedule and prevent various events from deviating from their designated paths.

You can set out guidelines for when different types of events can be planned, such as:

  1. The week’s days
  2. The hours of the day
  3. A Minimal buffer – before, after, and between occurrences

These principles will assist you in keeping work events throughout business hours and personal gatherings during non-business hours. Furthermore, ensuring a minimal buffer around each event prevents overbooking and frantic schedules that send you sprinting (literally or metaphorically) from one engagement to the next.

Reschedule everything on your schedule that currently clashes with these principles as best you can. That would be the only way to use this advice to gain control of your schedule right now.

Make A Policy Around Meetings And Calls

To hold your schedule in check, you’ll need to establish a protocol for booking meetings and phone calls in the future. The idea is to establish a clear policy and make it known to anyone who needs to be aware.

Extra Hands VAs Will Enable You To Schedule Like A Pro

Efficient scheduling is a difficult task – one you don’t need to undertake on your own. If you hire one of our qualified virtual assistants, they will make an effective schedule for you to make the most of your day and increase your productivity while giving you some flexibility.

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