Extra Hands owner, Rasheed Hamid is branching out! He told Bold Journey all about the future plans


Extra Hands VAs is
in Atlanta, GA
Limited-time 1:1 Sessions!

Our founder, Rasheed Hamid, is in Atlanta, GA meeting with local clients and lauching expanded virtual assistant services.
While he is here, he is booking 1:1 discovery and strategy meetups for entrepreneurs, founders, and SMEs that would be interested in learning how to increase productivity through virtual assistants and digital transformation.

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Say goodbye to mundane tasks with a virtual assistant that will keep you on track with all the minutiae that are not worth your time. As your virtual assistant learns your business and how you work, you will find that those ‘extra hands’ are the new way to staff and scale your business.
Let us help you with daily administrative tasks like email and calendar maintenance to provide you with the time to grow your business
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for 60 hours
Focus on project management and practices that result in scaling your business.
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for 60 hours
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Functional assistance with routine business tasks designed to increase productivity.
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for 60 hours